VN Residency

Geschrieben von Zero Zurich il 17 Juni 2020

Established in 2019, The VN Residency is a growing community of creative minds across Switzerland, gathering together in Zürich to work, connect, and thrive. It gathers freelance creatives and entrepreneur talents over friendship and common experience, consultancy, network, and professional support, to thrive faster and stronger together.

The VN Residency’s mission is to push forward a collaborative mindset around creatives through community and space. A space uniquely designed to foster creativity, innovation and education.

The VN Residency believes in a human-centered design approach and community is its catalyst.

Unique design environment

The VN Residency can be a personal bureau, a collaborative workplace or the hotspot to combine both work and socializing. The charismatic architecture and interior design embrace flexibility and modern working environment. Intended to suit every creative type, the VN Residency inspires and supports its daily residents. Photo studio, conference room, cosy area, and a fully equipped kitchen for working talents set us apart from the rest.

Space to connect

The VN Residency has been designed to empower residents to exchange and connect; from large communal tables and working stations to networking events, and gatherings in the kitchen during lunch and coffee breaks. The community-driven hotspot for creatives in Zurich with an inspiring environment leading to creativity and success.