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Geschrieben von Zero Zurich il 15 Oktober 2021


In a digital world, where information, media and entertainment are broadcasted in a fluid transition combining videos, hybrid events and VR.

Villa Nomad, the creative agency, expands its horizon and creates the first virtual only gallery in Switzerland, VN Art! From the agency’s Zürich office, coworking-, and event space, VN Residency, VN Art goes virtual, to reach a global community.

The expansion and digitalization of the VN Resindency enables Villa Nomad to develop concepts, collaborations and host exhibitions beyond the physical limitations of the space. Enter VN Art, the virtual representation of the VN Residency where curated exhibitions can be visited and artworks can be acquired directly through the integrated


VN Art disrupts the traditional gallery stigma by presenting shows in a digital format, offering an holistic gallery experience to the viewers. The gallery creates tailor-made audiovisual journeys for each exhibition that
provide engaging and informative insights to the visitors. VN Art and its digital format nurtures a global and inclusive mindset, and enables anyone to visit the gallery – only one click away!


VN Art takes ownership of its physical space, the VN Residency, to host vernissages, artist talks and meetups. With a hybrid approach to democratize art and merge both digital and physical worlds, VN Art provides innovative and mutlisensorial experiences to its viewers & visitors on a local and global landscape.


VN Art came to live in partnership with Keiyo Art initiator and dear friend, Raphael Rapior. Keiyo Art is a creative charity platform from Basel in Switzerland that shares a common vision to make a meaningful difference
and to support artists and good causes for each hosted exhibition. Keiyo brings artworks from engaged artist to the public to build bridges between cultures and to create awareness for the beauty and diversity of nature and wildlife. Keiyo’s Pop-Up Shows are free of cost to make art experiences accessible for all.

They work internationally with engaged artists, other art platforms and social investors. Together they close the circle between The Inspiration, The Artist and The Collector.

Keiyo’s Pop-Up Shows bring create visibility to the artists’ work and give them a voice for their social- and environmental engagement.


The Joy of Giving prints from the VN Art Gallery include a 100% donation from all proceeds to four exceptional charities. Supporting these charities Keiyo helps protecting and furthering the inspirations of their artists: Nature, Wildlife and People. Giving 100% to charity is a bold statement The charities Keiyo supports have inspired with their mission, as well as their proof and success in the field. Visit their websites to learn more about each organization – it brings joy seeing what is possible!


At the age of eighteen, after being discharged from his rehabilitation, he moved into his first apartment in
Basel. As he adapted to his new life, his camera quickly became a constant companion. He worked several jobs,
including working for a local radio station, and began to travel, including a trip to the US. He then decided to fully focus his time on photography.

After working with digital cameras at first, he soon began to shoot on film. He purchased expired 35mm film
to save on material costs as he was learning, but this film had a remarkable influence on his style. The film’s
soft pastel tones give a dreamy look to his photographs taken in nature. They remind the viewer of the imperfect beauty and timeless character of the medium. His cameras which are today considered vintage also remain a very personal symbol to him of the endless possibilities of creative freedom no matter how limited the creative tools might be.

Through his passion for photography, he aims to create awareness for nature and inspire others with his approach on life. Being part of the creative non-profit platform Keiyo Art, he donates the proceeds from a series of his prints to the environmental organisation The Ocean Cleanup.

VN Art Gallery
Villa Nomad GmbH
Lessingstrasse 15, 8002 Zürich

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