Fri 05.04 2019 – Sun 14.04 2019

Design Collisions - The Power of Collective Ideas


Cascina Cuccagna
Via Cuccagna 2/47, 20135 Milano


Friday 05 April 2019 – Sunday 14 April 2019

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Once again this year, Cascina Cuccagna holds an exhibition that explores the many facets of sustainability, through different projects and visions – some you will have seen before – in order to change the “future to come”. On the first floor of the farmhouse, Laura Traldi curates an exhibition that is divided into six themed rooms, with exhibition design by Matteo Ragni and graphic design by Marco Sorrentino . It starts with a video interview with activist-artist Marinella Senatore and a glossary that introduces us to a variety of content to be deciphered with care. Hacking, design thinking, participatory democracy, technological sovereignty, jobless society, techno-craftsmanship, co-design: these are some of the “difficult” words that we all need to learn.

On display is a collection of projects as “good practices” that intersect design in various forms, made for the community by the community so as to tackle, together, the problems that afflict us. Collective activation and intelligence are words that call for a collective political move toward sustainable strategies to address the great problems of today and the effects of the conflict between man and nature, helping businesses, governments and consumers to replace our linear economy with a circular one.
The most intriguing exhibit? Two designer activation platforms from the Netherlands and Denmark that reveal the process of selecting ideas and projects.

Written by Gianmaria Sforza

Contenuto pubblicato su ZeroSalone - 2019-04-08