Tue 09.04 2019 – Sun 14.04 2019

No Place Like Home


28 Posti
Via Corsico 1, Milano


Tuesday 09 April 2019 – Sunday 14 April 2019

How much

Menu alla carta a pranzo e cena

At breakfast or dinner but by reservation only: this is a truly unique and surprising experience to enjoy during Design Week. Take a break in a completely different world, far from the daily grind. Food and design meet in the applied creativity of two real talents: designer Odo Fioravanti and chef Marco Ambrosino from the restaurant 28posti on Via Corsico in the Navigli district. Having previously collaborated, this experience explores the field of exchange: the chef “drawing” his dishes on paper and the designer “making” prototypes as though they were meals.

They were inspired by the Wizard of Oz for this journey, redeveloping hidden meanings transformed into surprise ingredients for a genuinely intriguing performance: a journey in which objects acting as plates explore the narrative function of design. Are you ready for this role-reversal? The chef describes it as “a visionary tale that translates into objects to be eaten and food to be looked at”, with the addition of beautiful designs from Luca Ruali. We can’t wait to sit down at the table.

Written by Gianmaria Sforza

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