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Bol, Chad, 13th October 2018. Orphaned children, mainly Nigerian refugees, live together as a group in the Koran schools. During the day, they go begging and are known as Almajiri. These children, who live in the Lake Chad basin, are growing up in a constant situation of war, and all they’ve ever known is the weapons and deaths they draw on the walls of the city. Almajiri is gotten from an Arabic word "Al-Muhajirun" which can be translated to mean a person who leaves his home in search of Islamic knowledge. A severe humanitarian crisis is under way in the Lake Chad basin. Over two million refugees, five million people at risk of food insecurity and 500,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition. Lake Chad has fallen victim to the process of desertification that is threatening the very existence of the peoples who live on its banks and the ecosystem of its waters. Once the fourth-largest lake in Africa, since the 1950s its surface has shrunk by 90%.

Le più belle foto di tutto il 2018, in mostra a Roma.