Drinking in Navigli

Guida per bere bene e per destreggiarsi in questa selva oscura.

quartiere Navigli

Written by Martina Di Iorio il 26 August 2018 Aggiornato il 15 October 2020

The Navigli, as a friend says, is a great social container. A bit of comedy theatre, a bit of absurd, in Navigli you can really find anybody. From the IED/IULM’s fag who does a lot of modah, from the suburban tamarro who doesn’t renounce to glitter in his hair, couples in affection and free will, tourists in trousers, shaved students and drunk professionals. We are sure that you too are part of the category “No, I can’t face the Navigli. Too mainstream.” But then you find yourself in one way or another always there, because who cares about the sultriness or the freezing cold, the Navigli is the home of all Milanese and not. A destination for epic drunks and more or less memorable break-ins, relaxed aperitifs of after work or with friends from the judo course. Juggling the bars of the Navigli can be difficult unless you read this guide. So shoot our selection of places in the heart where you can drink well, very well, in this dark forest that develops in the south of Milan. You will find many of the absolutely best places in Milan, according to our modest liver, to remind that in Navigli there is a lot of quality, not only spritz and happy hour with 41 bis buffet: in these places you drink as God commands.

Translated by @silaskin

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