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Sottopassi, parchi, piazze, vie, anfiteatri, chiese, pensiline: Milano ci regala uno scorcio insolito

Written by Sonia Garcia il 9 October 2019 Aggiornato il 14 October 2019

© Valentina De Zanche

Which are the places and neighbourhoods where the Milanese crews gather to dance? ZERO, in collaboration with Nike, answered this question with a guide: an urban exploration of the crucial places of that movement that goes by the name of street dance.
Underpasses, parks, squares, streets, amphitheatres, churches, shelters: Milan gives us an unusual glimpse of a movement that is more alive than ever and that goes hand in hand with that of an increasingly dynamic, welcoming and sportive city.

From Porta Venezia – with the Mezzanine recently redeveloped by the Nike Dance Studio project, totally renovated and equipped with mirrors, platforms and music stations, thanks to which dancers can express their energy and talent and start dancing; the passante train station and the square in front of the Santa Francesca Romana Church – to Porta Nuova/Isola – where between Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Garibaldi underpass dance has created a new form of social aggregation, from Repubblica – with the dancers close to the new glass buildings – to Moscova – where the breakers perform in a small hidden gallery, passing through Maciachini and its famous Pensilina and NoLo with its Amphitheatre, in many of the city’s most famous districts hip-hop, breakdance, k-pop, caporales, krump, LA style, house, mixed style are danced.
Are you ready to join the movement?

Translated by Sila Turku Askin

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