Da Zero

ZERO here: Mangia tonno e ammaccate e sogna il Cilento.

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Da Zero Via Bernardino Luini, 9


  • lunedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • martedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • mercoledi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • giovedi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • venerdi 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • sabato 12–15 , 19:30–00
  • domenica 12–15 , 19:30–00

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On Milan pizza world, there is definitely a Chilean flag waving. Da Zero, in fact, can undoubtedly be counted among the best pizzerias in the city, for a number of reasons that make it worth to be on the podium. Managed by three partners who come from Vallo della Lucania, in the province of Salerno, after the opening at home the lighting to let the Milanese try the products of their territory (recently opened also in Matera). The name Da Zero is a clear reference to the philosophy behind it: zero flour, and zero km for the ingredients that come from the south and that are well appreciated here. Arm yourself with patience, the lines are long, there is waiting, even with a reservation it takes a few dozen minutes. Everything is quite manageable thanks to the staff, which is always cheerful and kind, and in case of an uncomfortable wait you are offered a glass of prosecco.

Tonno e ammaccate
Tonno e ammaccate

The beauty of this place is that everything is immediately forgotten when the pizza arrives: the noisy voices of the room, the children playing, nothing but the creations of the pizza makers. A place that is easy to reach, a pizzeria almost in the neighbourhood but with a great gastronomic offer and average prices (pizzas between 10/14 euros). Here there is a real match between what is said and what is proposed: the anchovies come from Menaica, the cacioricotta is from Cilento goat of the farm called I Moresani di Casal Velino, the dented olives are from Salella, the white artichoke from Pertosa. Not just empty words in the wind, all the ingredients – together with a very digestible paste – turn the pizzas into dishes to which respect highly. Because there is no longer only Naples to command, now there is also the Cilento of Da Zero.

Translated by @silaskin