Accumulazione musicale e seduta di Arman

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Foto di Matteo Ceschi


Accumulazione musicale e seduta di Arman Parco Sempione,

Behind the very popular Parco Sempione basketball court there is a work of art by Arman, the artist who before any other has assembled in large installations the objects and residues of industrial civilization, transforming them into new monuments. It is a theatre cavea or, depending on the use that people prefer to make of it, a staircase, an invitation to sit down, as the name suggests. It is made of all different chairs immersed in concrete, now a little worn out and in need of restoration, even if that air of contemporary ruin obviously adds charm to the place. The musical instruments, also drowned as victims of the Mafia in the concrete, look out from the podium. Also this beautiful monument, like Burri’s little theatre, was produced on the occasion of the XV Triennial in 1973, in the exhibition Contatto Arte-Città directed by Giulio Macchi.

Translated by @silaskin