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quartiere NoLo


Caffineria Piazza Morbegno , 2


  • lunedi 07:30–01:30
  • martedi 07:30–01:30
  • mercoledi 07:30–01:30
  • giovedi 07:30–01:30
  • venerdi 07:30–01:30
  • sabato 07:30–01:30
  • domenica 07:30–01:30

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Going down to the bar under the house is a noble and sacred activity. Why stay on the couch scrolling when you have this chance? Coffee shop is a bit like this for me and for all the inhabitants of Nolo, the new urban entity that sometimes makes you smile, sometimes curious, but is certainly alive more than ever.

Caffineria is a small cafeteria in pink, run by girls, open from morning until after dinner. I spend the morning there while I’m waiting for my late colleague who takes me to the office: the croissants come from a nearby oven and they are all very good (the one with cream overflows with dense pleasure); the coffee comes from the Brescian roaster August and the extra reason to show up at the counter is their filtered coffee.

I also go there for an aperitif, to drink a glass of wine in peace. At lunch and dinner salads, cutlery, first courses, to be eaten in friendship on wooden tables all very close together.
But who cares, to the Caffineria I even go to talk at random with strangers of the neighborhood, the street, the crazy people passing by. On Wednesdays there is a very respectable open wine: with 8 € you can drink all the wine in bulk in the world. Good thing: I live 20 meters away. The selection of bottles, however, is quite accurate: you can also find small organic wineries and goodies from Italy. In the evening a lively crowd gathers in the front, thanks to the live concerts that are organized from time to time.
Ultimately Caffineria is a quiet place, you meet the neighborhood and its stories.

Translated by @silaskin

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