Rita's Tiki Room

ZERO here: Mette la camicia hawaiana.

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Rita's Tiki Room Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 69



To the tradition of (mainly) rum, floral, fruity and scenic Tiki cocktails, the boys at Rita’s are inspired, opening the doors of the new Tiki Room (on the ashes of Ringa, in front of Rita).
The whole place is a floral wallpaper, parrots, flowers, plants coming down from the ceiling and Hawaiian shirts. The drink list is divided into three sections: the classics of tiki mixing with recipes from 1928 to the late 70s; the tikis of Rita’s history; and the classics of aperitif in tiki version. Excellent cuisine, under the direction of Eugenio Roncoroni (Al Mercato): spacial nachos overflowing with melted cheese, Thai rolls, Asian meatballs, fried chicken.

Translated by @silaskin

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