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Chainwork Dufourstrasse , 43

Evolving exponential technologies

Chainwork is an ecosystem focused on exponential technologies, backing those who are building the future. Chainwork wants to create a friendly and open atmosphere in order to allow valuable networks to flourish.


Chainwork brings together a community of different cultures, including: freelancers, startups, SMEs & corporations. Connecting diverse people and talents provides added value for each culture of Chainwork.

Chainwork has created unique spaces for all individuals that make up the community. The HUB is the physical epicenter of chainwork and is designed to facilitate connections between all cultures. The Event Space further allows ideas to be presented and delivered to an audience in an engaging setting.
The Coworking Space is made up of modern workspaces that are customized for the tenants needs.

Adapting to the rate of change and breakthroughs in emerging technology is a continual challenge. Chainwork has a strong focus on cutting-edge technology and innovation. It is integral for businesses to move their strategies and digital transformations forward in order to stay competitive. Chainwork provides competence and talent to discover and stay ahead of disruptive changes.