Sottopasso Garibaldi

Foto di Valentina De Zanche


Sottopasso Garibaldi Piazza S. Freud,

The underpass that connects Piazza Freud, in front of Garibaldi station, with Gae Aulenti’s escalators and its underground Porta Nuova Food District is designed for a fast and rushed transit, a bit like the traffic and the bustle around it. A 2.0 version of the Porta Venezia mezzanine, only brighter and definitely less crowded. The two spaces have one thing in common: the initial function of passage has gradually changed into a practice venue for a fair number of dancers. It is not unusual to find breakdancers and hip-hop dancers – and everything in between – who meet in this covered space and see them rehearse steps and choreographies in a much more intimate environment than Gae Aulenti or Porta Nuova in general.

Street culture is increasingly present in the area, and what better setting than a spacious and little-trafficked underpass to celebrate it? Unlike what happens on the surface, with the k-pop choreography between the inlets of the big shops overlooking Piazza Gae Aulenti, here the boys and girls who come together to practice are less in number but equally determined and talented. As in the case of the mezzanine of Porta Venezia, dance has managed to transform a crossing space into a hub of culture, movement and fun.

Translated by @silaskin