Via Mike Bongiorno

Foto di Valentina De Zanche


Via Mike Bongiorno Via Mike Bongiorno,

What motivates dancers of more urban and street dance genres to choose places to practice?
Surely there are several factors that influence this: sometimes they prefer the place to be covered, especially when it’s cold or there is bad weather; or the presence of mirrors or reflective surfaces (simply glass facades of buildings); or the architecture and shape of the space in which they choose to practice. In this case it is clear what it is about: Viale della Liberazione, which connects Porta Nuova to Repubblica, has a parallel underpass, via Mike Bongiorno, which runs alongside the three adjacent large buildings of HSBC Bank, Samsung and Banca BNL. To the south of these streets, there is a linear park directly connected to Alvar Aalto square.

Many breakers and hip-hop dancers find themselves dancing between the Samsung and BNL buildings, taking advantage of the large mirrored surfaces of their respective skyscrapers, and the large pedestrian area connected to the park behind. There is little movement in this area – people prefer to walk in the green area, so training goes on without any particular glances or spectators. The times when you are most likely to find someone are late afternoon-early evening, but during the weekend even after lunch.

Translated by @silaskin