Coraçao do Brasil

ZERO here: Conosce il chicco di caffè più grande al mondo.

quartiere Chinatown


Coraçao do Brasil Via Paolo Sarpi, 6


  • lunedi 07–19:30
  • martedi 07–19:30
  • mercoledi 07–19:30
  • giovedi 07–19:30
  • venerdi 07–19:30
  • sabato 07–19:30
  • domenica chiuso

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It’s almost like a mirage in a Paolo Sarpi who speaks Mandarin. This small shop and roaster, obviously doesn’t sell ravioli or spring rolls, but it has specialized in coffee blends since the 70s. It perfectly embodies the multicultural style of the neighborhood where it is located, metaphorically sending everyone’s taste buds on holiday with specialty coffees coming from all over the world. Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, for an exotic bastion that takes you to other dimensions, especially taste. Curiosity: here you will find the elephant bean, the largest coffee bean in the world.

Translated by @silaskin