Anfiteatro Martesana


Anfiteatro Martesana Via Agordat,

The Amphitheatre of Martesana is one of the most characteristic and energetic places in the park along with the homonymous canal, between Gorla and Turro. The Martesana Park, now known as the Parco Martiri della Libertà Iracheni Vittime del Terrorismo, is where communities, families, groups of friends and so on gather to spend their free time in the best possible way: outdoors, in the green and away from the frenzy of the city. The presence of water, the bike path, well-preserved flora and fauna and the picnic areas nearby have made it one of the most popular destinations for both locals and “outsiders”. In this frame, the Amphitheatre catalyzes the vitality of those who live and visit the park: starting from IAM, an attractive and cultural circle that supports the artistic realities of the area, located exactly inside the Amphitheatre itself, there are many community initiatives that take place in this location.

It is very likely, in fact, that from Thursday to Saturday, from 6 pm onwards you will find yourself in front of small groups of contemporary or freestyle hip-hop dancers, as well as groups of Peruvian or Bolivian caporaleros. Among children of all ages and origins who play and run around, musical events, rallies, street vendors of typical Latin American food, sports initiatives or even just shared board games, the Amphitheatre is a real oasis within the oasis. Here the parts coexist far from labels or definitions, and anyone passing through is encouraged to do the same.

Translated by @silaskin