Manfredi Amilcare

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Manfredi Amilcare Via C. Imbonati, 11


  • lunedi 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • martedi 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • mercoledi 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • giovedi 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • venerdi 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • sabato 12–14:30 , 19–22
  • domenica chiuso

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The smoke of grilled meat permeates the atmosphere of a trattoria of old times: typewritten menu, beaded walls, white tablecloths appropriately stained. The first courses cost very few euros, the second ones just as much. The portions, generous, give satisfaction: gnocchi with ragu, ravioli in broth, boiled chicken, liver. A few decades ago, all the trattorias were like this: a villain nostalgia.

Translated by @silaskin