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Ratanà Via G. De Castillia, 28


  • lunedi 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • martedi 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • mercoledi 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • giovedi 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • venerdi 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • sabato 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30
  • domenica 12:30–14:30 , 19:30–23:30

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It happens sometimes to be asked which is the best restaurant in Milan. For us Zero’s staff it is Ratanà; and you can trust, there’s not a single time our suggestions disappointed our interlocutors. In spite of a relatively recent opening – in 2009 – the restaurant is already a guarantee of Italian foodservice. This is due to a staff working together from more than a decade, which already gained credit in Solferino Restaurant for the foundational seek of raw materials, appropriately listed on the menu as a mark of pride. It’s not a coincidence that the dishes of mostly Milanese cookery, which made famous Ratanà, are quite “simple” and aim to exalting the raw materials. Starting with risotto, the tastier ever tasted: they owe their creaminess to carnaroli rice of the Riserva San Martino, beyond the chefs’ skills. Try the Milanese one (“the secret lies in the cream with Malga butter and the cheese from Lodi, not parmesan nor Grana”) or the rice with vegetables and herbs (they have a great passion for cooking, and for fresh water fish) and you’ll be served the perfect dinner.