ZERO here: tiene d'occhio il programma, sempre interessante, e si gode una serata come in famiglia.


Amantes Via Principe Amedeo, 38


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 18–03
  • mercoledi 18–03
  • giovedi 18–03
  • venerdi 18–03
  • sabato 18–03
  • domenica 18–03

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The city changes, human beings move, they open thousand of new locals, but some of them are still an unchanging and comforting landmarks. Such as the Amantes: the only one
where I would like to seek refuge in a rain evening to find the usual friendly faces, the usual good music, the peanuts and the Zubrowska bottle, which cost is very low here.
Roberto since some years, manages with love this Arci association, which host several shows of street artists and outsiders, expositions dedicated to the art week, dj set for vinyl, good music and acoustic lives lovers. The aperitif is the moment when you meet the faces of who lived the “night life” as long as before it was invented, among wine glasses, snacks and cocktails without additional charge.

Traduzione di Gloria Panissidi