Canottieri San Cristoforo

ZERO here: cena e balla sotto le stelle


Canottieri San Cristoforo Alzaia Naviglio Grande , 122

The most popular rowers club among those of Naviglio Grande, usually reserved to rowers and served by a restaurant cooking specialties of Lunigiana such as panigacci and testaroli, since a couple of years in summertime has become in a dance floor under the stars, home to the Navigli group of Rollover. You can find here some creative people who work among via Morimondo and via Pestalozzi, while they eat, train their body and also dance. The opening is always for free (but do come soon!) and it is simple getting drunk, the chats flow freely and is pretty sure you can find someone who didn’t know what else to do so that Rollover saved the night by offering him a chance to have fun until 4 in the morning. This is Circolo Canottieri San Cristoforo: to have the dinner or to dance here turns the summer up in the area of Navigli.
After all even the Imperial Bay was a sportive club.