Apophis Club

ZERO here: Beve al bancone il Martini Cocktail della buonanotte.

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Apophis Club Via Giuseppe Merlo, 3


The dark places, hidden in the most incredible streets, with underground stairs that take you inside that we have always liked. If you add a bottle with over 500 references then you’re done. Apophis Club meets all these requirements. Opened during Fashion Week 2017, this club membership only – exclusive access to the members – comes from the ashes of an old nightclub and presents itself in an evening dress signed by a renowned architecture and design studio (DnA Associates). Therefore, dark velvets, backlit tables, geometric shapes for a minimal but embracing arrangement. Few lighting, just a beam of LEDs that runs through the entire ceiling. And you don’t really need light: the Apophis is a place dedicated to clubbing, with a programming that hosts unveiled DJs on a weekly basis. The surplus is certainly the cocktail proposal at the bar counter, difficult to find when you go out dancing.


Premium labels – in force the collaboration with Vodka Beluga and Williams Gb Gin – and selected products all over the world. The drink list bears the name of Morris Mau (already at the Astronomical Observatory), who unravels with great ease between the classics of mixing and his signature. He asks us what we prefer, because at Apophis the service is tailor made: we bet on tequila and gin and two impeccable cocktails comes back, respectively the Moon Martini with tequila and infusion of chamomile tea, lemon juice, honey syrup, egg white and absinthe and Aviation with GB gin, maraschino and lemon juice. All drinks are from 14 to 18 €.


We can spend the whole night at the bar counter, but the view gets blurry after the Goodnight Martini Cocktail. Surely to go back there to better understand the clubbing soul of this place that convinces with full marks for that of its counter.

Martina Di Iorio

Translated by @silaskin