sab 06.10 2018 – dom 28.10 2018

Festival della Fotografia Etica


sabato 06 ottobre 2018 – domenica 28 ottobre 2018


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PALONG KHALI, BANGLADESH - OCTOBER 9: Thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar walk along a muddy rice field after crossing the border in Palong Khali, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. For years Buddhist majority Myanmar has struggled to deal with a deeply rooted hatred towards the Rohingya in western Rakhine state. The Muslim ethnic minority were always considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denied the rights of citizenship. According to Human Rights Watch, the 1982 laws "effectively deny to the Rohingya the possibility of acquiring a nationality Ó. MyanmarÕs government also enforced severe restrictions on freedom of movement, state education and civil service jobs and health care. The refugee emergency unfolded in late August after an attack on state security forces by Rohingya insurgents, triggering a brutal military crackdown that has forced more than half of the countryÕs 1.1 million population fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh creating the fastest cross-border exodus ever witnessed with over 655,000 new arrivals. Many traumatized refugees arrived telling stories of horror alleging rape, killings and the burning of hundreds of villages, which have been well documented by the media, along with the U.N and various human rights groups.

Foto di Paula Bronstein

La nona edizione del festival fotografico che si immerge in scenari sociali e umanitari.