lun 18.11 2019

The Collective


Kosmos-Kultur AG
Lagerstrasse, 8004 Zurich


lunedì 18 novembre 2019
H 20:30


19.00 CHF

The Second Full Feature Ski Film from “The Faction Collective”

Documentary, Schweiz, 2019
Dauer: 50 Minuten
Freigabe: 16 (16)
Verleiher: sonstige

Regie: Etienne Mérel
Drehbuch: Sam Anthamatten, Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin, Duncan Adams, Taisuke Ku
Cast: The Faction Collective

Adventuring to undiscovered peaks together, plotting midnight raids on inner-city handrails, lapping your home run until that last ray of sunshine…Skiing is Collective.

Some call it a tribe mentality, others call it a shared sense of purpose. This film is our definition, written by a diverse team, each with their own ideas, their own forms of expression.

“The Collective” is more than a sum of its parts. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – it feels good to be part of something special.

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