gio 18.11 2021

Peter Hujar's Day by Linda Rosenkrantz


Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse, 8005 Zuric Zurich


giovedì 18 novembre 2021
H 19:00



Book launch & conversation

Mitchell Anderson with Jordan Weitzman, Publisher, and Francis Schichtel from the Peter Hujar Archive

On December 18, 1974, Linda Rosenkrantz asked her friend Peter Hujar to write down everything he did one day. Hujar met Rosenkrantz at her apartment on 94th street the following day where she asked him about it in detail. She tape-recorded their conversation and this book is a full transcript of that exchange, published by Magic Hour Press for the first time since it was recorded 47 years ago.

Kunsthalle Zurich hosts a reception and short conversation to celebrate the publication of Peter Hujar’s Day by Linda Rosenkrantz. The book was edited and designed by Jordan Weitzman in collaboration with Francis Schichtel, who works at the Peter Hujar Archive, and includes an introduction by Stephen Koch, the director of the Peter Hujar Archive.

Magic Hour Press is a recent extension of the podcast of the same name, which for the past few years has focused on producing in-depth interviews with established and emerging figures in the photography world. Past guests have included Moyra Davey, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Farah Al Qasimi and Alec Soth.

Ebene A by Kunsthalle Zürich, Löwenbräukunst, access Limmatstrasse 270 (by elevator) & 268 (by Stairs)

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