gio 09.11 2017

Metaz Talk: RePublic Domain


MuDA – Museum of Digital Art
Pfingstweid St, 8005 Zurich


giovedì 09 novembre 2017
H 19:00 - 22:00


10.00 CHF

Re:PublicDomain is about finding, distributing and fostering the re-use of works from artists and authors who died 70 years ago (and are therefore are in the public domain in Switzerland). This means the copyright has expired and many works now belong to everybody to be reused in ANY creative way.

Daniel Boos and Mario Purkathofer will show you some pixels about the past, present and future. In 90 minutes they will cross 210 years.
Some guests will appear, but you – the visitor – will be the centerpoint in a digital journey of creativity.

So bring your grandfathers, your daughters, your children, your friends… It is all across generations, genders and goths. Dead or alive. It doesn’t matter.

Yes, it is a spectacle!

Speaker: Daniel Boos and Mario Purkathofer

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