Parco San Giuliano

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Parco San Giuliano via Orlanda,


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The shape of the waste bins baskets in Parco San Giuliano is reminiscent of a periscope that emerges from the earth to peek out at the world out there. In fact, under these 74 hectares of greenery, the result of a historic environmental reclamation completed in 2003, there are also toxic waste from an old landfill, well packed in a sarcophagus so large as to create a small artificial hillock. From an indefinite space, from a place of environmental degradation, the entire area has been transformed into a large city park, with a suggestive view of the lagoon and the bell towers of Venice. One of the largest public parks in Europe, Parco di San Giuliano is a perfect place for lovers of non-Euclidean geometry: in order to go from point A to point B one gets always to travel the maximum possible distance using sidewalks and cycle paths. No shortcuts through this green desert landfill. From the point of view of entertainment, there were the splendours of the Porta Gialla, with its massaged aperitifs, and a few editions of the Heineken Jammin Festival (with an adjoining air horn). Speaking of rock stars, even Pope Benedict XVI passed through here, running the year 2011, along with Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Fat Boy Slim, italian icon Vasco Rossi and so on. The unforgettable Electro Venice Festival brought along in the past years 2Many Djs, Richie Hawtin, Gui Boratto, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5. The attempt to locate here the “Marghera Estate Village” or the Sherwood festival was not the ideal choice. Immense spaces, difficult logistics, weak programming. Now we are on the eve of a new attempt to promote in this venue of unparalleled charm (the author of this text remembers a legendary “Under Pressure” with a duet by Ben Harper and Eddie Vedder while the sun’s rays slowly fall on the Venice skyline) with the assignment to the Home Entertainment organizers. In the worst case, in case none of this is your thing, this is the joggers’ paradise.