Pasquini & Brusiani

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Pasquini & Brusiani Via delle Tofane, 38


  • lunedi 08–12:45 , 14:30–17
  • martedi 08–12:45 , 14:30–17
  • mercoledi 08–12:45 , 14:30–17
  • giovedi chiuso
  • venerdi 08–12:45 , 14:30–17
  • sabato chiuso
  • domenica chiuso

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When you say Ennio Pasquini, you mean mortadella. It sounds as a joke but that actually is a tremendously serious matter. He’s the last survivor, a living artist of mortadella, the only one who’s still moved by sausage making. He’s a story teller, able to make you drool talking about “trippino”, a portion of pork’s stomach, used to flavour his tasty creations. Must try: pink salami, you are going to oink oink cheerfully.