Smile Tree

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Smile Tree Piazza della Consolata, 9


  • lunedi chiuso
  • martedi 19–02
  • mercoledi 19–02
  • giovedi 19–02
  • venerdi 19–02
  • sabato 19–02
  • domenica 19–02

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The Japanase is a 1860’s recipe, based on Cognac Vs Hennessy, Orgeat and Butter Abbott’s. The Bijou, of 1934, is so loved from the lovers of Chartreuse, whereas the more
recent Rosemary, of 2001, with its basis of vodka aromatized with chamomile, has a crazy perfume. A seasonal card with about one hundred of cocktails (you have to forget the
usual Mojito) handled by Denis Zoppi, a name that activates taste buds of who know the mysterious world of mixology, director of Smile Tree in this little corner of Consolata. Every
cocktail is a gustative but also a visual composition, combined with fresh fruit, vegetables and salt or pepper chocolate. Surely it is not for penniless wallets (drinks are about 17 euro), but sometimes a whim…

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