dom 03.06 2018

Nu Bass - François Lindemann 6tet


Schiffbauplatz, 8005 Zurich


domenica 03 giugno 2018
H 19:00


15.00 - 30.00 CHF


Sito web

Jazz / World / Oriental

François Lindemann p/comp, Amine Mraihi oud, Heiri Känzig b, Pierre-François Massy b, Olivier Clerc dr

Top-class Ethno-Jazz – this is what one finds on the 2018 album “Nu Bass” from the 6tet led by pianist François Lindemann. The line-up is one of the most unusual in the long career of the musician from the West of Switzerland: in addition to piano and drums there is Tabla, Oud (Amine Mraihi) and two double-basses; the musicians are from Switzerland, France, India and Tunisia. Together they develop a swinging-melodious and grooving jazz, whose accentuation on the deep tones represents only one of many fascinating aspects.

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