ven 16.11 2018 – dom 18.11 2018

Designathon 18


Selnaustrasse, 8001 Zurich


venerdì 16 novembre 2018 – domenica 18 novembre 2018
H 18:00


30.00 - 90.00 CHF


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Swarm – creating ideas for the future of urban space

The word swarm defines a large number of insects – or people – together in motion. Demographic and technological changes of these last decades have greatly intensified human swarms which now culminate in urban areas around the world. The direction and the characteristics of human swarms are ever changing and difficult to grasp. Designathon 18 wants to challenge its participants to critically think about urban spaces in regards to this notion of swarm. How does the swarm – as well as its single elements – affect public spaces, transportation, cultural values, quality of life, work, security and while we’re at it, happiness?

Are you eager to find new solutions for the challenges facing today’s world? Come work in an inter­disciplinary team at the 48h ideation marathon and be part of the creative ­thinkers of tomorrow!

The best projects are evaluated by an independent jury and win in one of our four categories. Entrepreneurs, students, designer and engineers, it doesn’t matter from what field you are coming from, as long as you want to find solutions for a more sustainable and equitable future. Anyone can take part!

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