lun 03.06 2019 – sab 08.06 2019

Mambo - Interactions


Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich


lunedì 03 giugno 2019 – sabato 08 giugno 2019



We are all different from each other, but we are all human beings – and we need each other. Kolly Gallery proudly presents a new set of art works from Mambo in Zurich.

The series Interactions portrays five different minimalist as well as caricatural portraits. These portrait are intentionally painted incomplete and enigmatic, in order to keep the personalties mysterious, but also to increase the viewers’ interaction with the motif. The self-reflection will automatically be stimulated.

Some of the characters manifest a certain vintage vibe, which is not to be considered as a nostalgia. In fact, with the minimalistic and slight retro aesthetic the artist would like to facilitate or even more invite the viewer to look at his or her distanced self. By looking at oneself from a certain distance, should simplify the process of letting go of daily controversies and should encourage to perceive oneself in a more timeless and universal manner.

These artworks are part Mambo’s ‘humans’ series, which includes a collection of minimalist and caricatural portraits painted on paper, using the significant signature color red-orange to represent the human skin.

Mambo is well know for his holistic an sociological approach surrounding his artistic concepts. In fact, the exploration of human interactions and the interdependence between individuals in society are a central topic. These artworks are about human encounters and how emotions, reactions and interactions create moments of tension, smoothness, passion, abruptness or many more. The results of human interactions are truly countless.

The artist is committed to portray these moments of encounter, because in the modern society not enough attention is payed to these, despite their importance for the sustainable preservation of society.

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