dom 09.06 2019

Kunstmarkt Modul III - Müssen Galerien wachsen, um zu überleben?


Luma Westbau - Löwenbräukunst
Limmatstrasse, 8005 Zurich


domenica 09 giugno 2019
H 14:00 - 15:20

Art Market Talk

Vanessa Carlos & Alain Servais

Schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich
(im Rahmen des Zurich Art Weekend)

The situation is serious: The big galleries are getting bigger and bigger, the medium ones and the small ones are having a hard time. The action radius in the sandwich space between auction houses and online dealers is narrowing every year. And what’s more, the global digital economy often functions according to the motto «the winner takes it all». This development is dangerous, because a good functioning of the art market requires colourful diversity. But how can and how should we counteract this unwelcome trend? Opinions differ on this.

One thing is clear: if galleries should continue to prosper as socially important institutions, not only must their business model be renewed, but something must also change in the structure of the art world. To discuss this, we invited two personalities to the Zurich Art Weekend who are among the most important players in the current gallery discussion: the founder of the gallery exchange program Condo and successful gallery owner Vanessa Carlos from London, and the Belgian collector and financier Alain Servais, the man who was the first to put his finger on the weak spot with his much-acclaimed article on the „industrialization of the art market“. Talk moderated by Ewa Hess, Kunstforum Zürich and art journalist.

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