lun 29.07 2019

Howe Gelb + M. Ward


El Lokal
Gessner-Allee, 8001 Zurich


lunedì 29 luglio 2019
H 20:20


20.00 - 40.00 CHF


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Howe Gelb is an American singer-songwriter, musician and record producer based in Tucson, Arizona.

Gelb’s approach to music is collaborative and he has recorded with a number of side projects. In a 2004 interview with Gelb, The Guardian wrote “Gelb’s way of dealing with it was to treat Giant Sand (not to be confused with his 1970s electro-rock band Giant Sandworms) as a loose, uncompetitive, mutually supportive musical collective, a place for friends to hang out and play. ‘I just liked the idea of having this kind of removed world, this brotherhood—the idea of a band being something more than a front person or dealing with the throes of fame.'”

In 2013, he worked with the Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall on her fifth studio album Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon. He co-wrote and co-produced, and sang on several songs. His own solo album entitled The Coincidentalist was released on New West Records in November 2013.

Matthew Stephen “M.” Ward is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Portland, Oregon. Ward’s solo work is a mixture of folk and blues-inspired Americana analog recordings; he has released nine albums since 1999, primarily through independent label Merge Records.

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