ven 13.09 2019 – sab 26.10 2019

Mathieu Mercier: Scanners et Photographies


Galerie Lange + Pult
Rämistrasse, 8001 Zurich


venerdì 13 settembre 2019 – sabato 26 ottobre 2019




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The artistic work of Mathieu Mercier (*1970, lives and works in Paris) circulates between art and everyday culture. At the intersection between architecture, design and visual art Mercier is reflecting on the concepts of Western culture of the 20th century. He repeatedly draws on artistic achievements of avant-garde pioneers such as Marcel Duchamp and subtly links them with contemporary cultural phenomena and themes. Between art and everyday life, imagination and reality, figuration and abstraction, his latest works play with various associations of objects, ideas and references to offer a personal and playful understanding of his world.

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