lun 03.02 2020 – sab 08.02 2020



Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich


lunedì 03 febbraio 2020 – sabato 08 febbraio 2020



MadC is known for her abstractions and deconstruction of lettering. The series entitled First Lines refers to the return of the white background in the paintings as well as the practice of graffiti writers to paint a first line (sketch). The first lines or sketches are a crucial prerequisite to the creation of a graffiti piece and thus an important heritage of the graffiti culture.

Lately the artist has begun to accentuate her roots in graffiti by utilizing drips, splashes and flares. Instead of using graffiti writing in its formal and functional way, she has developed an artistic practice based on capturing its energy and expression. The paintings demonstrate the artist’s delicate usage of colours. Due to the white background, the colors stand out even more and crown her iconic style of painting. As the artists keeps her first line as a final result, there’s nothing that she can hide in her paintings.

The current series reflects fluidity, dynamics and awakening. Although the art works are abstract, they evoke a different individual interpretation in each spectator. Each canvas has its own mood and character – and thus allows the spectator to achieve a completely individual emotional experience. This phenomenon is known as a synesthetic perception of colours and emotions. Thereby MadC’s way of painting remains accessible and versatile at the same time.

MadC finds her inspirations while traveling, in conversations and even reading books. Collaborations with other artists also open up her mind to new approaches. The latest mural she created for the Jersey City Mural Arts Program was in June 2019 and once again she stands out with her fresh colours and the incredible size of 55m2, almost 18 floors high.

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