dom 24.05 2020

Emoji Storytelling


MuDA – Museum of Digital Art
Pfingstweid St, 8005 Zurich


domenica 24 maggio 2020
H 10:00 - 11:30


1.00 CHF

We all <3 emojis—they are a great introduction to code-breaking and are a language of their own! Kids will learn about narrative through this fun and playful workshop.

Teacher: Alexa Jeanne Kusber
Language: English
Level: 6 years, 7 – 8 years, 9 – 10 years
Required: Paper, Webcam, Markers
Keywords: Game

Alexa Jeanne KusberAlexa Jeanne Kusber is an American independent curator and creative based in Zurich. Throughout her career she has maintained a focus on questioning and expanding the notion of curating. She currently is the Public Programming Curator at the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA) in Zurich where she attempts to disrupt and strengthen the practice of cultural mediation. Concurrently she curates a residency program at the Verbier 3-D Foundation, creating a space for artists and experimentation in which artists’ practices are challenged to create cutting-edge contemporary art in relation to environmentalism.

Kibit: The kids learn how computers think, how to solder electronics and how to program microcomputers.

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