lun 18.05 2020 – sab 23.05 2020

Zest - digital only


Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich


lunedì 18 maggio 2020 – sabato 23 maggio 2020

Franck ‚Zest‘ Noto’s new set of paintings entitled Ondes are a continuation of the previous series. The series will be exhibited at Kolly Gallery from 18th to 23th May 2020  – digital only.

The flashy and colorful surfaces are pushing themselves into the spotlight, breaking the rather monotonous and monochrome surfaces. The artist’s main objective is to re-enable the colour explosions to find their way back to the surface. In the series Ondes a subtle play of undressing the canvases takes part. Zest allows the primordial emptiness of the waves to emerge, soft or bright, so that the colours spontaneously blend together.

With the title Ondes the artist builds a bridge to the light waves of the color spectrum.The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths, which create perceptible colors for the human eyes. Color can always be distinguished by brightness and intensity, so do Zest’s art works differ from each other.

The key feature of his paintings is always the gesture and aesthetics of spraying. The round and curved lines reinforce the reference to the wave-like frequencies of lightwaves. The works are characterised by colour gradients incorporating an abstracted layering. In this sense, Zest’s work allows the light spectrum to become visible, the energetic vibrations that emanate from it are illuminated and reveal the intertwined layers of electromagnetic frequencies.

Zest expresses himself in his purest intuition, making visible the waves of light usually inaccessible to the human eye.

Scritto da Zero Zurich