lun 05.04 2021 – sab 10.04 2021

David Bruce


Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich


lunedì 05 aprile 2021 – sabato 10 aprile 2021




Bruce’s studio is also his sports room. His positive paintings reflecting his basketball memories are presented at Kolly Gallery from 5th to 10th of April 2021.

Basketball was an iconic subject of Bruce’s generation. For Bruce Michael Jordan symbolized the sports success in the 1980ies and 90ies, an idol. The basket ball is strongly connected to David Bruce’s childhood memories as well as first graffiti experiences. In order to play basketball with other kids, the adolescent would take the train to different basketball courts and playgrounds. That was when he first encountered graffiti, mostly silver pieces, and soon after started to spray himself.

Bruce’s studio is not only a place where he spends time painting, it’s also his sports room. He means ‘sport’ as a metaphor in the sense of a similarity to art. As in art, there are certain characteristics similar in sport for example: discipline, technique, competition, just to name a few.

Besides Bruce’s interest in basket ball his art works witness a multilayerdness and a use of various materials. Further characteristics of his art are pop-brut aesthetics, graphic compositions, smileys and bananas. His artworks are based on a positive, happy and bright color palette.

The artist has his studio in Liege, Belgium now, where he also lives. His passion for graffiti continues. At the same time the studio became a new playground for expressing himself through paintings and sculptures – still keeping the same vibe of his youth.

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