sab 04.11 2017

Swiss Entrepreneurs Expo


Technopark Zürich
Technoparkstrasse, 8005 Zurich


sabato 04 novembre 2017
H 10:00 - 18:00


25.00 - 350.00 CHF

The Swiss entrepreneur’s exhibition event is an event to promote entrepreneurship and provide every entrepreneur an opportunity to showcase and exhibit their companies along with their products and services to the stakeholders including investors and the public. It’d also be a point for sharing ideas, learning and enriching through networking.

With unemployment on the rise globally, and particularly in Europe, entrepreneurship is by far the best means for creating sustainable employment opportunities to the older as well as the younger generation visitors would have the opportunity to see the new products as well as services offered by swiss entrepreneurs along with a scope to understand the spirit of entrepreneurship across various sectors. This event, therefore, is a necessity since it’d be an encouraging way of bringing solutions to economic growth and development.


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