Rainy Days mix: Blue Crime

Commented mixtapes from the artists of Rainy Days festival (9-11 september at Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna). Today: Blue Crime

Scritto da La Redazione il 6 settembre 2016

Floor (Bass + Vocals)
The BreedersCannonball: Just ‘cause the bassline is so simple and spot on, I never get bored of it. And I love the sultry sexiness in the guitars.


Alex (guitar + Vocals)
Black MountainDon’t run our hearts around: It’s tempting to put this song on repeat at least a thousand times.


Bart (drums)
MadonnaInto The Groove: Just get in to the groove.


Liu (guitar)
Cindy LeeOperation: Ugh…


Toursong for the last North American tour
The Besnard LakesPeople Of The Sticks: Riding trough Canada with this song blasting trough the car radio was nice and it got even nicer when we got to share a stage with them and got to see it live at Real Love Festival in Gimley, Manitoba surrounded by loads of fireflies.