Di 17.12 2019

Army Of Love


Cabaret Voltaire
Spiegelgasse, 8001 Zurich


Dienstag 17 Dezember 2019
H 20:00 - 23:00

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10.00 CHF

A multi-disciplinary project initiated by writer Ingo Niermann.

As the „Army Of Love“ proclaims, „…romantic love is saturated with commoditization. The socialistic premise behind „free love“ crumbles when desiring competition gets in the way, and in the age of hook-up apps, the possibility of free sex represents the liberalization, not the liberation, of love.“

They point out a missing link in Marxist analysis: even in a society where there is access to basic needs, commodities, and structures, attractiveness is not distributed equally, „leaving out those considered to be old, ugly or unsuccessful.“ The practitioners of the Army offer all-encompassing love – one that includes care, desire, sex, and respect absent of maudlin emotions yet full of gratitude – to all those who need it.

Army of Love is a multi-disciplinary project initiated by writer Ingo Niermann in collaboration with invited guests.

Previous presentations include: Wiesbaden Biennale, MACBA, Barcelona, CASCO Utrecht, LA CASA ENCENDIDA, Madrid.

This „Fun & Fury!“ Performance Dienst-Tag/To-Do’s Day is part of the program It Takes All The Fucking Time curated by Michelangelo Miccolis (IT).

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