Sun 14.04 2019

Design the Temple Festival 2019 - AAC Domenica Superlativa: Bosconi Records + Glenn Astro


Acropolis - Tempio del futuro perduto
Via Luigi Nono 9, 20100 Milano


Sunday 14 April 2019
H 08:00 - 22:00

How much

€ 10/5

Bosconi Records is the musical reality that comes closest to our dream of early retirement. Imagine living on the Tuscan hills , growing olives by day and producing club tracks at night. The sun filtering through the windows wakes you in the morning, you enjoy a drizzle of cold-pressed oil on homemade bread as an aperitif and endless bottles of Chianti lubricate conversations between friends.

Fabio Della Torre’s label wouldn’t exist without the spectacular natural setting it feeds on every day : this is where its beating heart of artists come together, which includes Ennio Colaci, gathers Mass_Prod, The Clover, Hervè, Dj Rou, Dukwa and Rufus among others. Bosconi Records is a temple for made in Italy house music and it’s coming to another temple for this special Design Week event: Milan’s Temple of Lost Future with special guest Glenn Astro and his groovy house from Berlin. DJ Rou and Hausmann also on the decks.

Close your eyes on the dancefloor and think about how to revolutionise your life so it looks more like theirs.

Experimental sound & organic breakfast from the morning. DJ sets and street market in the garden from 14:00 and Sacred Design Exhibition in the basemet from 16. Mandala Hindi Film Festival in the dark room from 19:00.

Written by Irene Papa

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