Mon 08.04 2019 – Sun 14.04 2019

IQOS World revealed by Alex Chinneck


Spazio Quattrocento
Via Tortona 31, Milano


Monday 08 April 2019 – Sunday 14 April 2019

How much


IQOS, the smoke free product, latest in Philip Morris International presents new spectacular installation by Alex Chinneck . The British artist is known for his work on buildings or in urban contexts and landscapes that is either surreal, trompe-l’oeuil, or looks like the special effects of an apocalyptic film: we’ve had upside-down pylons and buildings, houses broken in half like a Gordon Matta Clark sculpture and flaps of the street folded back on themselves like the pull ring of a can of coke with a car dangling from it.

Then there’s ZIP, which is what we’ll see at Spazio Quattrocento: a zip that seems to open onto an interior view of the space, while the interior spaces are radically transformed through unexpected “openings” in the concrete floor and stone walls. The symbol of the zip is therefore the distinctive trait of the project, the expedient through which the artist creates a series of surreal fissures from which an ethereal and impalpable light floods the space, transporting the visitor into a new and immersive experience.

Written by La redazione