Sat 20.07 2019

Go Dugong


Serra dei Giardini
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi (Castello) 1254, 30122 Venezia


Saturday 20 July 2019
H 22:00

How much


Foto di Luca Orsi

After the boat party with Maga Bo from last year, Hape Redentore returns to Serra dei Giardini: and again a great tropical party with free admission will occur, as in 2017 with Nickodemus. Even if this time the host of the transnational collective flies the tricolor flag, the spirit of soundclash is inevitable: from Italian act Go Dugong we expect a boiling magma of electronic mutations from all over the world. Exciting African, Brazilian and Latin rhythms such as those from Balera Favela, plus the new works on pizzica and taranta from the label by DJ Khalab, are a perfect soundtrack for adrenaline filled dancing leading up to the fireworks. Then back to Serra dei Giardini to dive into the alcohol for a 3-channel silent party.

Written by Redazione Venezia