Mon 02.09 2019

Global Lecture: “Is Digital Space the New Battlefield?”


Die ETH Zürich
Seilergraben 45, 8001 Zurich


Monday 02 September 2019
H 10:30 - 11:30

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Foto di Microsoft/ICRC

A conversation with Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, moderated by Myriam Dunn Cavelty, Center for Security Studies.

Sophisticated cyberweapons are increasingly being used during and outside armed conflicts. They can cause significant damage to infrastructure and also harm vulnerable populations. What is the role of tech companies and humanitarian organizations in preventing, and supporting recovery from, cyberattacks? How can research help in that endeavor? These are some of the questions Peter Maurer and Brad Smith will discuss on stage. The moderated conversation will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Lecture hall HG F 30 (AudiMax)


Written by Zero Zurich