Strayner Cafè Piscina

ZERO here: Si rilassa a bordo vasca in settimana bevendo mojito


Strayner Cafè Piscina Via Morandi, 1 bis


  • lunedi 09–19
  • martedi 09–19
  • mercoledi 09–19
  • giovedi 09–19
  • venerdi 09–19
  • sabato 09–19
  • domenica 09–19

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Steyner’s is an usual apartment building’s pool of a well-off neighbourhood. The difference is that to get in you don’t need to have a friend living there or waiting for the night to climb over like in La Grande pool in Assago. Indeed, this place is open to the public, prior a payment of course (10 Euros for the seasonal fee and other prices depending on day and hour of entrance, from 4 to 12 Euros). Don’t be expecting a huge space but, even though the pool is only 25 meters long the water is properly clean and cool and the little patio around it is completely full of tanning bed, which are included in the price of entry until end of stock. There are also a tennis court and a pool for children. To fully enjoy it you’d better go there in the morning, otherwise you’ll risk to find it overcrowded. This can be pleasant after too many mojitos (every Thursday mojito evening for 3,5 Euros)… than you’ll have a good barbecue and everything passes.