Galleria di corso Garibaldi

Foto di Valentina De Zanche


Galleria di corso Garibaldi Corso Garibaldi, 86

Via Statuto and Corso Garibaldi meet in a widening overlooked by the subway exits which looks like as a square for all intents and purposes. This is where you meet and, if you are waiting for someone, sitting under the arcades, you can enjoy all the frenzy that such a bourgeois and popular area can transmit at the same time.
At the corner there is a Banca Intesa branch, also that equipped with arcades, which go around both sides of the streets, to stop, in Via Statuto, with the same building of the branch. On the Corso Garibaldi side, on the other hand, there are again the porticoes, which at the height of the Hotel Carlyle Brera are embellished by a small part of the façade dripping with creepers.

Here there is a secret space: a sort of small covered gallery that connects the two streets, and overlooked by civic number 86 of Corso Garibaldi. The gallery has always been a training place for breakers and hip-hop dancers. You can find them in the late afternoon on weekends, but also during the week, trying to escape the hectic pace of the busiest part of the square. On one side an entrance of a building, on the other the ground floor of the hotel: this scenario is among the most intimate and welcoming possible for dancers. When there are no breakers, fashion events are organized: but it’s only when the two worlds come together that you can say you’ve hit the jackpot.

Translated by @silaskin