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Dandelion Indirizzo segreto,


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To get in, we had to solve a rebus. Not so many heads were put together since man was sent to the moon. Three days, several hours off to work, and a series of foolishness with the Dandelion boys, who laughed at our every wrong answer. Intransigent, we could not move them with pity, we who insistently sought help to find the solution. Solution arrived after days and days of brainstorming, but anyway it arrived.

They send me a code and tell me that only through this I can book from their website. Dandelion is a speakeasy, but it’s not inspired – I might add – by the times of prohibition. Enough is enough. I choose my day, my + 1 and I show up in a secluded, unsuspected street. The civic figure speaks clearly, we are faced with a taqueria that reminds me of those in New York: pink tiles, som small cactus, nothing seems to be the case. I say the password, a door opens that I hadn’t noticed at all. They let us sit inside, we immediately smell a very pleasant fragrance in the air, psychedelic music in the background, low lights, few candles.

We sit down at the counter, which is definitely the most interesting part of the Dandelion. Futuristic, metal, it looks like the prow of a ship, with a large, backlit bottle rack that centralizes the attention. The Dandelion, they explain, is inspired by form and matter: the menu is certainly not easy to consult but the guys explain it page after page. Fermentation, barrel aging, alchemical instruments and ingredients from the world for very special drinks that convince us. So much so that we do an encore.

We pass through a corridor of neon lights, we go down to the lower room where you can smoke. We are less convinced than on the upper floor, but we immediately dream of having a party. It’s almost one o’clock, we have a czarish date at Fabrique, we would stay here because we feel like in Eyes Wide Shout, maybe it’s my cleavage. We ask for the bill: 15 € per drink, a price certainly high but justified for the work these guys do. We also get the discount, which we appreciate.

We promise to come back, before this secret address becomes public domain, because they tell us that soon the booking method will be different. For the moment, follow them on Instagram and ask how to get in, they will send you the famous rebus. Afternoons with your grandmother doing the enigmatic week will come in handy.

Translated by @silaskin

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