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Kalinka Via R. Boscovich, 40


  • lunedi 10–14 , 15–20
  • martedi 10–14 , 15–20
  • mercoledi 10–14 , 15–20
  • giovedi 10–14 , 15–20
  • venerdi 10–14 , 15–20
  • sabato 10–14 , 15–20
  • domenica 10–14 , 15–20

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In this Russian store – which is still referred to as URSS or CCCP if you like: actually our nostalgic sensitivity like it this way – you can find amazing preserves (such as tomatoes in glass jars of 10 liters), every kind of pickles (in shape and size), sauces, such as georgiana tkemali made with garlic and plums. I can’t afford caviar, so I go there for ajvar (a sweet pepper cream, perfect with meat), canned fish and pel’meni: Siberian ravioli, that they sell frozen. There are also books, very violent Russian movies, vodka brandy, spirits, biers and even Moldavian wines. And icons: but those of Virgin Mary, not McDonald’s ones.