Dha Zong - Soy Cheese

ZERO here: Mangia a 1 euro o poco più

Foto di Manuela Vanni


Dha Zong - Soy Cheese Via Paolo Sarpi, 6


  • lunedi 8:30–20
  • martedi 8:30–20
  • mercoledi 8:30–20
  • giovedi 12–20
  • venerdi 8:30–20
  • sabato 8:30–20
  • domenica 12–20

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Here a place completely ignored – and unfairly – by the majority of Italians. But be careful: the gourmand of soy noodles should halt! This small shop is very simple and sell exclusively soy cheeses, of which the sons of the Celestial Empire seem greedy. Here the rustic side of ourselves comes to the fore. Soy cheeses in all the ways, first of all like hot cubes – because at the end of the meal their dragons won’t give a damn. Arm yourselves with water and then choose. You’ll leave the shop with your little box in hand and a phony smile after seeing the risible receipt: you can spend a little more than 1 Euro and have a quick but rich sneak. Long live China. Long live Italy. Long live via Sarpi.